Irrigation Systems in Lexington, MA

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Full Bloom Landscaping not only helps local residential and commercial properties in Lexington, MA with landscape design and maintenance, but also irrigation systems.

The professionals at Full Bloom Landscaping will design and install your irrigation system from leading companies like Hunter & Rainbird. Many factors are considered when installing a irrigation system and we can handle all this for you. We install a top quality system that keeps watering costs down while providing the right amount of water needed to keep your lawn and plants healthy. When installed properly your irrigation system will give you many years or service with little maintenance.

Our Irrigation Systems in Lexington, MA Include:

Our landscaper services include:

  • Spring Start Up
    • It is essential after the cold days of winter end to properly start-up your irrigation system. Our team of professionals will be ready to inspect and test your system thoroughly before the season starts.
  • Winterization
    • Full Bloom Landscaping will winterize your irrigation system, removing water from pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads. This is essential for any system before freezing occurs. The best way to protect your irrigation system from damage in the winter is to have Full Bloom Landscaping winterize your system.
  • Maintenance & Repairs:
    • We are trained and skilled at maintaining and repairing irrigation systems throughout the season. Adjustments throughout the season are suggested to ensure proper water usage.

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